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Wilderness Medicine

Having been a thriving part of both MedSoc and the University, we’re a group of students who organise tremendously merry outdoorsy events throughout the calendar year. In recent years, we’ve run activities ranging from outdoor walks and indoor bouldering to laid-back talks — and we’ve got plenty more planned for you!

Coming up in November, our greatest annual event — the Medical Skills in the Wilderness weekend-away — whisks you out of the city for a serene weekend of walking, talking, and finally taking that well-deserved break. We’ve recruited the country’s finest experts in wilderness medicine to give you a brilliant hands-on experience with casualty management, and a chance to learn the ins and outs of expedition medicine from seasoned adventurers. The weekend is incredibly popular, both amongst students and past tutors. 

Any event (including the weekend-away) is designed considering a range of skill levels; whether you regard yourself an expert hiker or you’re just learning to walk, we’ve got you covered. We greatly value the diversity we get with students from a wide range of healthcare courses and levels of study, and are eager to welcome you — regardless of course, year, or previous experience — to that. Like many societies, you can come to events as your schedule permits, so there’s no pressure to have to attend anything you don’t want to (although we can’t think of anything you wouldn’t want to attend).

To give you a chance to check out what our society is like, we’ve put together a relaxed Welcome Walk where you can meet old and new members — join our Facebook page or mailing list for details, or have a chat with us at the Fresher’s Fair. We’d love to hear from you, so email us at, and join us on Hope to see you soon!

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14 May 2021

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