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Hello freshers, welcome to the mighty UBMS Squash page! Have a browse through our gallery to see us in action, and join the zoom link below to speak to some of this year's committee about all things squash-y!!

Meeting ID: 854 178 0216

Passcode: q4JqDK


“Squash, Squash! Wherever you may be, pick up a racket and play with me!”

Hello! Besides being a tasty vegetable and a refreshing beverage, squash is a large and sociable club, combining training and matches at the snazzy 360 Sports Centre with many mind-blowing socials!

We are a friendly, vibrant and dynamic club with a great community vibe. With members from all years and courses, there will always be someone the same ability as you. Even if you’ve never picked up a racket, or don’t even quite know what squash is, worry not! The beautiful mystery of the game we love is that everyone can get involved! 

Coaching from senior players is available during training sessions as well as matches / fun minigames - We’ll be introducing an intra-club tournament for novices in November! Our beautiful squash courts are a relaxed place to improve and now feature SMART INTERACTIVE SQUASH TECH! Giving real-time feedback and the opportunity to repel Space Invaders with your squash skills! We will be putting on lots of open taster sessions so you can get a flavour of this delicious veg, I mean sport! Most importantly, we will be hosting medical schools from across the UK for the hallowed NAMS tournament!!

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27 Feb 2021

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