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  • WORLD CHILD CANCER EVENT in collaboration with PONGSOC with speakers from the Children's hospital - tonight -6pm -CM4 - refreshments provided!
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  • Hi guys we have a new 2015/2016 oncolgy facebook page. so could you please like the new one and unlike this one! :)
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  • Last 2 days to get in your OncSoc comittee applications for next year! Anyone wanting to apply, email a short paragraph about why you're interested and what you could bring to the team to
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  • Amazing prostate cancer campaign!! check it out - one of our UOB professors is on the project team PLUS OncSoc will be holding their prostate cancer and bladder cancer patient event with some of the people involved in this project NEXT YEAR...
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  • Ever considered a career in oncology? Want to be part of a new and exciting society? Fancy improving your teamworking skills...and improving that CV?

    Then apply for a position on the 2015/2016 OncSoc committee!!

    Positions available:
    Events coordinators (2 positions)
    Publicity rep
    Year 2 rep (currently a 1st year medic)

    To apply please send a short paragraph (100-200 words) which describes, why you're interested in oncology, what you think you could contribute to the role/team and any ideas you have for events next year.

    Also in the email include your name and year and whether you'd like to be considered for other positions if you are not successful in the role you apply for.

    Application deadline= TUESDAY 24th MARCH

    All questions and applications to be sent to
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