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UBMS OncSoc: Oncology Society


UBMS OncSoc is an exciting and innovative student-led society exploring all aspects of cancer management and research.


As oncology is such a forward moving field, we too have huge aspirations this year and for many years to come! From stimulating career talks to fantastic fundraisers and even helpful revision sessions to guide you academically – UBMS OncSoc delivers something for anyone with an interest in oncology! 


Enjoy our short videos below! 

1) Watch our 1-minute animation to see what OncSoc is about!

2) See our committee and scan our QR codes to follow us on social media


Join us at our virtual Fresher's Fair stall by following the link below!


MEETING ID: 993 7390 9478


We are a passionate and approachable committee so do please come and say hello! We cannot wait to welcome you as a part of our society! Join us for what is going to be a fantastic year ahead!


If you have any questions, contact us on social media or drop us an email at




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19 Apr 2021

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