University of Birmingham Medical Society

Trauma and Orthopaedics Society

The society for those interested in a career in Trauma & Orthopaedics!

Handy with a hammer, baffled by bones or simply interested in finding out what a career in T&O entails? 

Not only will we be hosting a number of lectures throughout the year, we are setting up a T&O mentoring scheme for students to make great contacts, have amazing opportunities to expand their CV and gain guidance on their career aspirations.

Becoming a member will put you on our mailing list with brilliant opportunites to get involved in.

Please contact for any queries.


President- Prakrit Kumar

Vice President- Thomas Stubley

Head of Teaching- Charlie Taylor

Audit Officer- Raimand Morad

Head Conference Organisers- Katherine Hatt and Basil Yannoulias

Conference Liaison Representative- William Beedham

Conference Publicity Officers- Yousuf Hashimi and Rana Arham Raashid

Head of Conferences, Courses, Electives and Prizes- Andrew Bellringer

Intercalators representative- Lewis Turner

Fourth and Final Years representative- Arham Sahu

Third Year representative- Duaa Ahmed

Preclinical representative- Ciaran Simpkins

Essay Prize Co-ordinator - Jamie Large

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21 Sep 2020

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