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The Technology, Industry and Medical Entrepreneurship Society (TIMESoc) has been created to expose medical students to careers outside of the clinical dimension. This can range from developing apps to help the healthcare professional right the way through to seeking an alternative career such as management consultancy. The variety of options available are vast and diverse, yet medical professionals are held back from such endeavours due to fear and doubt of the unknown. As a result, TIMESoc has been born out of a need to help alleviate such fears and introduce students to the plethora of paths they can take in their professional lives. In doing so, TIMESoc hopes to allow students to take control of their career and home in on exactly how they want to spend their working time which is reflected in the societies motto:

Sed fugit interea, fugit inreparabile tempus”

“But time is lost, which never will renew”

Key Activities

  • Presentations and lectures from exemplar medical professionals who can highlight their efforts in either technology, alternative careers or entrepreneurship. This will most likely be followed by a Q&A session or panel discussion
  • Workshops to improve CV’s and interview skills for those applying to a different career e.g. banking or consultancy
  • Conference/networking event – the main aim of this will be to allow personal interaction between students and a variety of selected people from each category. This will give them the chance to seek their own advice, start personal relationships and gain a step towards the chosen path

Future Events