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A warm welcome from SurgSoc; the University of Birmingham’s official surgical society!

Ever thought about a career in surgery or just want some top-quality anatomy teaching? We are here for you!


Pre-clinical med students: we offer extensive anatomy teaching. Whether it’s to get you across the line during exam season or to give you that extra level of knowledge, we’ve got you covered! From our on-going anatomy lecture series to an annual Anatomy Away Day in London we have many events throughout the year to support your anatomy teaching. 

For those looking to satisfy a deeper surgical ambition, the society offers a wide variety of further opportunities. Surgical skills workshops will train you in the fine art of suturing and themed evenings will give you the chance to explore key issues around the implications of surgery as a career. With a particular focus on the topic of ‘Women in Surgery’, decisions about whether, where and how to intercalate and what the life of a surgeon is really like, there’s something for everyone!


We also promote charitable causes, networking opportunities with those further up the surgical career ladder and with other surgical societies across the country. Finally, we hope to play host to a national surgical conference later in the year showcasing the best in British undergraduate surgical ambition!


With so much and more to offer, email us (, visit our Facebook page (  and follow us on Twitter (@SurgSoc). We’d be delighted to get to know you and enthuse about all things surgical!!

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15 Jul 2020

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