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Besides being a tasty vegetable and a refreshing beverage, squash is one of the largest and most sociable clubs that MedSoc can boast, combining training and matches at the brand new 360 Sports Centre with many mind-blowing socials! After all, we didn't win the trophy for the best MedSoc Sports Club 2017 for nothing!! (And we only didn't win it two years in a row so someone else could have a go).

We are a very friendly, vibrant and dynamic club with a great community vibe. With members from all years and courses, there will always be someone the same ability as you. Even if you’ve never picked up a racket, or don’t even quite know what squash is– worry not! Coaching is available during training sessions as well as matches and fun minigames!

Our socials truly are on another level, expect pub golf, BBQs, Christmas meal, ‘tour’ and our decadent curry nights to name a few! We have multiple fixtures throughout the year, before our grand finale where we host medical schools from across the UK for the hallowed NAMS tournament.

However, our finest asset is undoubtedly our fresh and thought-provoking memes lovingly made every week. To take a peek at this high-quality content and for more information find our Facebook group ‘UBMS Squash Club’.


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21 Sep 2020

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