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- Birmingham Medics Rugby (UBMSRFC) Freshers - 2020/21

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UBMSRFC (The Cloob)

The Birmingham Medics Rugby Club, UBMSRFC, is one of the oldest (est. 1958) and largest clubs within the medical school with around 80 active playing and social members and a large Old Boys Association. Joining this club has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to med school and I’ve loved every social, game and training session.


On the field

On the field we cater to all ages (with one of the boys celebrating their big 30th n.ext year!), skill levels and courses, playing a mixture of medical schools and local sides in an RFU league. We field competitive 1s and 2s teams every weekend, offering great opportunities for whatever level of rugby you’d like to play. Our 1s are one of the premier medical school sides in the country, reaching the NAMs (National Association of Medical Schools) final last year, as well as placing 2nd in the Midlands reserves league (ending the season with 17W, 4L). Our 2s (the Airsharks) reached the semi-finals of the NAMs 2nd division and are a great option for those who want to play more casually or develop their skills to be considered for the 1s.


Training and matches

We train with our hired coaches on Tuesdays and Thursdays (around 6:30pm) with games on Saturdays. Our sessions are intense and of a high standard, that ultimately act as game preparation for the weekends. The entire club, including purely social members, often journey out to each game, making for an exciting touchline experience that kicks off your weekend. Unlike Uni sides, as our games and socials are on Saturdays, you are free during the weekdays in what will be a busy schedule.


Off the field antics

Off the field, I truly believe it’s the members who make this society as great as it is. Our socials are on most Saturdays and are a great opportunity to let your hair down after a stressful week, mixing with older and younger years as equals. If you drink, great. If you don’t drink, great. We don’t care so long as you have a good time. There is also our annual Rugby dinner, which is a legendary night out. Last but not least, throughout the year we do regular charity work. Last year we grew some horrendous ‘taches for Movember and took part in various challenges for charities like CALM who do great work for men’s mental health.

The Cloob at Rugby Dinner


Have a great year!

Finally, enjoy this year. It gets said a lot, but you only get one freshers. I hope you’ll consider joining the UBMSRFC as I firmly believe it’s one of the top societies that med school has to offer and that you make the same best decision I made all those years ago!

- James "Lanny" Wooding - Chairman 2020-21

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