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Psychiatry Society (PsychSoc)

Hello and welcome to PsychSoc! 

We are a society promoting and hosting events in all things psychiatry. We have regular lectures from leading psychiatrists, covering a wide variety of subjects from homicidal behaviours in children, to the potential application of psychedelic drugs in treatment of mental health disorders, to insightful introductions to disorders such as schizophrenia. 

Our lectures aim to be both interesting and educational. There is no requirement to want to pursue psychiatry! 

In addition, we hold annual mock OSCEs, and have a psychiatry buddy scheme, pairing students with training psychiatrists for career advice and unique opportunities. This year, we also aim to introduce revision lectures. Furthermore, we are partnered with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, providing even more opportunities to further explore this fascinating branch of medicine. 

Some of our upcoming lectures include: "I can tell you why you are lying but I can't tell you why: detecting malingering in psychiatry" and "Learning disabilities psychiatry talk" where you will here from professionals and patients experinces!

Membership to our society is free and guarantees priority entry to all of our events. With mental health spanning all fields of medicine, PsychSoc is relevant to all healthcare students regardless of year group, course or career aspirations. 

Watch our Fresher's video on YouTube!

Chat to some of our committee on Zoom today at:

Meeting ID: 951 3093 7743
Passcode: 684338

Sign up for free on our google form at:

And follow us on our socials!

Twitter and instagram: @psychsocbham


We're looking forward to seeing you at Fresher's fair and at our next event!


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19 Apr 2021

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