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  • Hi :)!

    Feel free to post any discussion topics on this page or if you have any questions about the Birmingham Physician associate course.

    Particularly new students starting in May! I shall be creating a Facebook group for the new cohort soon.


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  • Welcome to the Physician Associate Society at the University of Birmingham!

    This will be our first year as a society, and we are excited to be a part of Birmingham MedSoc.

    We aim as a society to firstly provide educational support to all the PA students with the help of MedSoc. We going to provide OSCE practice and revision sessions.

    We also aim to educate the public and other healthcare professionals about this new role.

    Finally, we look to offer opportunities to socialise with other cohorts and students by advertising MedSoc socials and events.

    It's free to join and open to all! If you have any questions please email

    Emma Parry
    President of PA society
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25 Oct 2020

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