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 Welcome to Pathology Society!

We are a dedicated group raising awareness among medical students about the specialties within pathology and providing revision sessions ready for pathology based exam questions.


Our main aims as a society are:

A) To expand knowledge surrounding pathology and its importance as a speciality in diagnostic medicine, and its ties to the medical, dental and broader scientific disciplines

B) To increase the awareness of the opportunities that the Royal College of Pathologists provide to Undergraduate students

C) To improve knowledge of histology and basic sciences for both pre-clinical and clinical year students


Become a member for free HERE!


Take a look at our video and make sure to follow us on Facebook (@BhamPathSoc) and Instagram (@uob_pathsoc)!


For more info, join our zoom call to speak to one of our committee members (22/09/20 12-4pm)!




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14 May 2021

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