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Welcome to Birmingham's first society related to nutrition and lifestyle medicine! :)


Are you interested in nutrition? Interested in teaching younger children about nutrition? Think teaching on nutrition should be incorporated into the medical curriculum?


We hope to increase awareness of the importance of nutrition and lifestyle medicine for all stages of healthcare, from prevention to wellbeing. Not only does this just apply to medicine, but also in promoting and maintaining our own healthy lifestyles!


Join our society to get involved with lots of great opportunities including:

  • Webinar series, talks, workshops, journal clubs
  • Our Nutrition For Youngsters scheme which involves visiting primary schools to give teaching sessions to children
  • Volunteering with community kitchens, soup kitchens, food banks
  • Healthy food sales
  • Collabs with other societies and more!


Click here for the links to the virtual fresher's fair via Zoom!


Follow this link to watch a video and learn more about Nutritank: click here 


SIGN UP HERE (alongside through the medsoc website):



Check out our social media to see what we get up to:

  • Facebooknutritanksoc@birmingham (click here!)
  • Instagram: @birminghamnutritanksociety


We look forward to welcoming you into our society! From your Nutritank committee :)


Nutritanksoc@Birmingham is part of a national programme to try and get as many medical schools as possible in the UK to set up their own 'nutritank' and empower a strong cohort of medical students to engage with nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

Like our new Nutritank page to keep up to date with everything that we are doing nationally.

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09 Mar 2021

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