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    UoBirm - NurseSoc on 07/02/18
    We would like to promote this charity that works in collaboration with Cardiff University Volunteering Department called Make a Smile. The charity consists of members that dress as well-known children?s characters to visit children?s wards and work with disability services (Disney Princesses and superheroes are particularly popular). At these events they do visits, play games, do sing-alongs etc.

    The charity is proving very popular in Cardiff so they?re rolling it out to major hubs e.g. Birmingham. They?re hoping to set up what they call a ?Chapter House? in collaboration with Birmingham SU that would have their own committee and wardrobes etc and do visit children in the Birmingham area. They are keen to accommodate us but we need to find themselves a committee in Birmingham. We thought some of our members might be interested?

    If you have any questions please contact Luke Morgan.

    Facebook -
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    UoBirm - NurseSoc on 01/02/18

    NurseSoc hoodies are now on sale!!
    The hoodies are plan navy blue with a dark blue zipper (if chosen zip-up hoodie), with the NurseSoc logo on the front! Pricing below. Keep any eye out for our next event which will be up very soon.

    Sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

    Remember that they will only be on sale until 28th February so an order can be placed!

    18: Non-zip-up (member)

    20 Non-zip-up (non-member)

    22: Zip-up (member)

    24 Zip-up (non-member)
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    UoBirm - NurseSoc on 22/01/18
    Friends of BCH is holding their next event in collaboration with FilmSoc!

    What? - a FREE movie night! Paddington Bear followed by Zootopia
    When? - Saturday 27th January 2018, 7pm - 10pm
    Where? - LT4
    Why? - To raise money for Friends of BCH

    Bring your friends and some change as there will be baked goodies on sale!
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    UoBirm - NurseSoc on 21/01/18
    Should be of interest!
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    UoBirm - NurseSoc on 16/01/18

    Friends of BCH have another fantastic opportunity - you can help out with raising money AND enjoy the British Basketball League cup final which is being held in Birmingham!

    When: Sunday 28th January
    Where: Arena Birmingham (previously Barclaycard Arena)
    Time: 10.30-14.30 or 14.00-18.30
    What: Bucket Collection

    It's going to be an amazing event with a fab atmosphere! Please gather your friends and let us know if you'd like to help out as soon as possible!

    Link to UoB Friends of BCH:
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