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  • * Today Update *

    No gypsies in site so might as well pop over to Selly park at 3pm TODAY!
    What we do depends on how many turn up but I'll drag Steven and Ben along with me and may even bring a few tins just to have a good chuckle. Feel free to come along and let your hair down and potentially shift some pounds.

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  • * Today *

    I've got wind that gypos have invaded Selly park - 'dya like dags?' Leckie has informed me there's not too many but I'll drive past on my way back from Derby to see if the number of caravans has multiplied overnight.
    With the prospected rather low turn out compounded by the pikeys, I'm in fear of my first 'session' being an absolute farce. However, I don't have too much pride and so if there's room to knock a ball about I may trot over there at 3 anyway.
    This post is just to give you prior warning that this afternoons sesh may not go ahead but I'll post again later to confirm what's occurring.


    P.s. For those of you bewildered by my quote, give this magic a watch:
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  • * Plan for this Thursday *

    Despite only 10 (not including myself) including Max who it turns out will actually be in an exam, we'll go ahead with doing something on Thursday at 3PM on Selly Park because why the hell not. We will have just received our results one hour prior so we may end the session with a 30 minute cool down of cuddling.
    It'll just be a casual sesh just so we all get some fresh air, exercise and ease Sachin's sexual frustration. The low numbers may just mean playing football cricket, foot volleyball and maybe a 5-a-side. Just be a laugh to relieve stress, anger or despair.
    If you've liked it but can no longer make it, send me a message pls so I don't just end up crying into some grass with just Sach for company!

    Thursday, 3PM, Selly Park.
    See ya'll there,
    LB xo
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  • Youths,
    After being begged by Sachin (man just loves football) and discussing with MGSG (Max) we're proposing a very casual kick-about at Selly Park on Thursday afternoon (3pm ish) - which hopefully suits all years. May attempt foot/volleyball and football cricket for a bit of bant.
    Whack a like on this post to show us your interest so I don't set up nets and wickets then just max and sach turn up. Depending on interest I'll post later in the week to finalise things or chuck this in the bin!

    Maybz see ya Thursday,
    B & M

    Selly Park, Thursday, 3pm, casual training.
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  • Just realised the team we're playing today wear red. Does anyone have the blue kit?
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04 Dec 2020

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