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Do you want to...

LEARN… more about mental illness?

PLAN… exciting and interactive lessons and activities?

TEACH… secondary school students?

GAIN… valuable skills and experience?

Who are we?

MedMinds is a society that aims to raise awareness of and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness in both medical students and young people, and promote Psychiatry as a career for medical students.

We hope to increase understanding of mental illness and encourage help-seeking behaviour with relaxed teaching sessions.

What do we do?

We run a series of lectures led by mental health professionals on topics relevant to young people, including mood disorders, anxiety and psychosis. After this, we run a committee-led teacher training session, where we help you to prepare to teach to school students! We deliver PSHE sessions to schools around Birmingham, aiming to highlight wellbeing, the importance of mindfulness and busting any stigmas around mental health!

Why should I get involved?

MedMinds provides the opportunity to learn more about mental illness, through both attending lectures and teaching others. You will gain invaluable teaching experience, and, most importantly of all, have fun whilst gaining some extra CV points!

If you are interested in general practice, psychiatry, paediatrics, child & mental health nursing, or you just share our motive, then this is the place to get involved!

How do I get involved?

At the beginning of the year, we run our "Tuesday Talks", which cover a variety of mental health disorders. Each week, doctors come in and talk to us about an aspect of mental health and psychiatry. Once you are equipped with this knowledge, we start to prepare you to deliver teaching sessions to secondary school students!



If you would like to get involved or have any questions feel free to contact us on our Gmail and check out our social media and website using the link tree below!

   Instagram: @birminghammedminds

   Facebook: Birmingham MedMinds



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School feedback:

About the Sessions:

“A good way to learn about an important topic which can be difficult to understand and talk about”

“The activities were cleverly thought out and made us think while having fun”

“Really eye-opening and it is good that you are making us more aware”


From Pupils:

“I have learnt that there is always help and hope to get better no matter what you go through”

“I now know how to help my friend. Keep up the good work!”

“Mental health problems are common and should be taken more seriously, self-harming isn’t just attention seeking”

“I feel like I have a better understanding of what the warning signs of different mental health issues are”

“Mental health problems aren’t always so obvious in every person”


From Staff:

“The medical students made everyone feel at ease- including me”

“It was really useful for the pupils to gain an insight from young professionals”

 “They answered questions like they had been running these sessions for years”


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