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    Click this link to buy through the university online shop:…

    - *IMPORTANT* For those with allergies, please read the full menu that is on the ‘More Info’ tab BEFORE you click ‘Book Event’ for a full list of allergens. Also please email us at confirming your allergen information, even if you have chosen options free from allergens 
    - You can buy up to 4 tickets
    - You need your Medsoc membership number for booking a discounted Medsoc dinner ticket
    - Any queries please email/message us

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  • Theme Reveal!
    Ellen - Medball on 15/09/16

    Hello everyone!

    We are excited to announce that the much anticipated theme for Medball 2017 will be revealed on Monday 19th September at 6pm for the start of fresher's week, so get excited!

    Medball love x

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