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Lepra is an international charity that works in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique to diagnose, rehabilitate and educate people affected by leprosy and other diseases of poverty. As well as addressing the burden of disease in these communities, Lepra also works to tackle the poverty and prejudice that people affected by disease endure.

As a new charity at the University of Birmingham and Lepra's first university representation, we hope to raise awareness of Lepra's work and will be holding a number of fundraising activities through the course of the year.

We will also be holding talks by guest speakers specialising in infectious disease research. This will be a chance for students to learn more about tropical diseases that they may not otherwise have much exposure to in the medical curriculum.

We are currently exploring ways in which students could get involved in a medical capacity, either in Lepra's reputed infectious disease research or volunteering abroad.

We hope that as a society, we enable students to have greater access to tropical medicine and infectious diseases as well as support Lepra's mission.

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07 Aug 2020

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