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As you can tell by looking around the med school, we’re a pretty diverse bunch. At UBMS LangEx Society, we want to celebrate this by giving students the space to share their different cultures and languages. We are open to all language lovers and are looking to set up several small meetups spanning a variety of languages. There are Spanish and French biweekly meetups where people can chill, snack and practice with language learning games. It’s a great opportunity to keep that A Level or GCSE language alive! We are excited to find other students who would like to lead their own mini-meetups; you don’t need to be fluent, only enthusiastic. So far we have an Indian languages meetup in the works, and stay tuned for Mandarin…

UBMS LangEx is about learning languages and cultures in a fun and relaxed way, and this year we’re looking to do more social events such as international film nights, MasterChef cook-offs and a careers evening on finding work placements abroad. Get stuck in, and we’re sure you’ll love it.

Check out our Facebook page for info on upcoming events!

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03 Apr 2020

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