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JMed: Jewish Medical Society

The Jewish Medical society is the place for Jewish healthcare students from any background, course, or year JMed aims to provide a calendar of fun and exciting socials, often based around the Jewish festivals, that will allow you to eat, drink, chill, and get to know your fellow students. As a branch of the Student Jewish Medical Association we also offer some fantastic networking oppurtunities and access to help with attending conferences and organising electives. 

2019/20 has been a busy year! We had a fantastic chanukkah party, our annual blood drive, and of course we hosted our amazing annual Friday Night Dinner. When uni wound up due to the COVID-19 pandemic many of our members stayed in Birmingham and JMed remained active supporting those who worked in the NHS over Pesach and beyond. 

In previous years our members have also run revision sessions; and worked as screening advisors at a Jnetics carrier screening.

We’d love you to get involved and can’t wait to organise more events over the coming year!

For more information, just get in touch! Most of our activities are organised through our FB group so make sure you're added to keep up to date.

Co presidents: Simmy



Keep an eye out for our fresher's welcome event!







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27 Feb 2021

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