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السلام عليكم,

IMed is an ever-growing community of students from a diverse range of backgrounds, aiming to incorporate the beautiful teachings of Islam with the fortunate knowledge and skills we have gained as future healthcare professionals. We are proud to be a society which encompasses and aims to meet the needs of all students within the college of medical and dental sciences.

Over the past 6 months, one of the highlights was hosting the student-led ‘History of Islam and Medicine Exhibition’, where students presented their research into the many significant historical contributions made by Muslims in the fields of ophthalmology, surgery, general medicine, to name a few. Open to both students and the public, this outstanding level of research was subject not only to official recognition by the university but also from national organisations.

As future healthcare professionals, we understand the responsibility we hold in improving public awareness of taboo and controversial healthcare issues within our own communities, perhaps most importantly mental health and wellbeing. IMed was thus proud to host its first national conference on mental health, in conjunction with the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS).

February marked the month of ‘Believe and do Good’, a national campaign run by FOSIS to encourage students across the country to give back to their local communities and those in need. We delivered a free public CPR training course in communities where such lifesaving skills are in desperate need, raised awareness of the need for more blood donors and ran a campaign to increase the number of donors from ethnic minority communities. Additionally, we worked alongside a local refugee centre to run activity days, as well as delivering care packs to homeless people in Birmingham.

As we move into the forthcoming academic year, we hope that IMed will continue in its efforts to enrich the university experience for all, which so far has led it to be the most recent winner of the award for ‘MedSoc Society of the Year’. Look out for our much-anticipated annual charity dinner, sponsored mountain trek, a range of academic and ethics events, and a chance to meet many inspirational people along the way.

Thank you and jazakAllah khair!

Rehan Akhtar

IMed President 2018-2019

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10 Jul 2020

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