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Interview advice

Dear prospective student,

Welcome to the Birmingham MedSoc website and thank you for your interest in the University. Congratulations on getting an offer for an interview here at Birmingham; we understand how keen you are to secure your place here! We have compiled a small list of DOs and DON’Ts that may be helpful:


  • Be yourself – nobody is interest in memorised answers; show them the real you!
  • Be confident – you have been given an interview, that means they already see something in you.
  • Dress smartly and give your interviewers eye contact
  • Make an effort to find out what doctors really do – what is the NHS, what do the GMC do?
  • Stay for the tour – it’s a great opportunity to talk to Medical students first-hand
  • Be excited – getting an interview is an achievement in itself!


  • Talk about your interview with other candidates – it will only make you nervous
  • Ramble
  • Memorise lots of medical facts – they just aren’t necessary!

Good luck!

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14 May 2021

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