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Hello and welcome to the UBMS Immunology and Microbiology Society!


We aim to shed some light on what can sometimes seem the mysterious worlds of microbiology and immunology. If you like bugs, plagues, and tropical diseases then come and talk to us! Lectures, revision, careers, and of course socials!


We are very passionate about public health and annually take part in Antibiotic Awareness Week. We also have collaborated with SavingLivesUoB (who are our charity of the year) and Sexpression Birmingham to organise Birmingham’s first ever World AIDs Day event. We also hold several awareness events aiming to highlight the disease burden of infectious and immunological diseases, and raise funds to support efforts to improve prevention, detection and treatment of diseases.


We are planning lots of exciting lectures (whether they are virtual or in person) featuring a series of guest speakers talking about the groundbreaking research being conducted at Birmingham, and throughout the rest go the UK. We are also planning on holding a careers evening to help you discover the realms of clinical and academic immunology and microbiology. This year, we plan to hold our first ever conference related to infectious diseases. We have recently started a blog to keep you guys updated on all things immunology and microbiology related.



Throughout the past couple of months, we have been delivering revision lectures for immunology and microbiology ‘Zoom’ to supplement learning and revision. We have lots of exciting plans to work closely with the medical school to provide lots more tailored teaching to help you prepare for those dreaded exams!


Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend our sessions and all the information you need will be shared through our Facebook page (Search: UBMS Immunology and Microbiology Society). Join to receive updates and details of events as well as how you can get involved in helping to run IMSoc.


We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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26 Oct 2020

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