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That mysterious red substance that flows through your body and nourishes every single cell....


Welcome to UoB's Haematology Society!

We want to demystify and promote haematology, the speciality that's concerned with the study of blood and bone marrow.

Interesting right? Watch our video below to find out more!

Most of our events will be virtual this year, so you will be able to enjoy the wonders of haematology from the comfort of your own home!

Stay tuned for Lecture Series, Careers Events, Quizzes, Conferences and more!

Haematology is truly a multi-disciplinary specialty, so we encourage all healthcare students who are interested to get in touch and attend our events.


Sign up to the society using the link below:


 Want to speak to a committee member and find out more? Join us on Zoom 12-4pm using the link below!   Meeting ID: 982 1103 6548


If you aren't able to make the Zoom but have some questions for us, contact us on social media or drop us an email at!







Good luck and see you soon!

HaemSoc Committee 2020/21


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19 Apr 2021

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