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Did you know that the majority of Birmingham medical students will chose general practice as their career?

Are you interested in being a GP? Do you want to know more about its career path and subspecialties? 

If so join the GP Society! Upcoming events include:

  • The Annual GPSoc Talk from our very own Professor Thomas
  • Y5 Prescribe Well sessions.
  • 'My Life As A Sex Doctor' by Dr. Anand Patel
  • Transgender Health
  • Migrant Health 
  • 'From Doctor to Patient: Living With Alzheimers' with Dr. Jennifer Bute
  • 'My Life As A Prison GP' by Dr. Declan O'Donnell 
  • GPs with Extended Roles Networking Evening
  • Everything You Need To Know About Medical Cannabis 

The GP society organised an extremely successful, student-led, national conference for a large number of students and doctors. The keynote speaker of which was the previous chair of the RCGP, Professor Maureen Baker!

So come and chat to us at the Fresher’s Fair and sign up - it’s free and open to everyone! Or email for more information. You can also find us on Facebook: 'UoB GP Society', on Twitter: @uob_gp_society and on Instagram: @uobgpsociety!

And if that doesn’t sell it, an interesting fact is that the infamous Birmingham drink The Heidi was in fact originally made by a Birmingham medical student who is now a successful GP in Stourbridge!

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15 Jul 2020

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