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    UoBirm - ENTsoc on 12/02/18
    **Opportunity to COMPLETE surgical audit cycle at Walsall Manor Hospital**

    Very very simple topic - service provision of scrub solution bottles in theatres (hence quick and easy data collection).

    Will require 10 minutes at lunchtime, checking functionality of scrub solution holders/bottles before afternoon lists begin, for 1 week (5 days).

    An effortless way to get a surgical audit under your belt. Supervisor is Dr Simmons, an ENT consultant, enthusiastic to help out students involved in ENT. Can ensure a signed letter from him outlining participation for surgical portfolio requirements.

    Opportunity to present data at surgical departmental meeting +/- MIO (Midlands Institute of Otolaryngology) summer meeting.

    Please contact me via email for more info:
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    UoBirm - ENTsoc on 25/01/18
    Want to have a go at endoscopy?!

    Today is your lucky day... Rob Bickerton will be in the Anatomage Room (EF7) 10-4 today with both a 2D and 3D endoscope. Come and have a go!
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    UoBirm - ENTsoc on 29/11/17
    Hi all,

    Quick reminder of our event tonight: Careers and Emergencies in ENT

    If you enjoy ENT or want to improve your ENT knowledge make sure you come down to Lecture Theatre 5 at the QE tonight! (There will be someone to meet you just up the stairs from the hospital entrance)

    If you have any questions or can only come for some of the evening feel free to drop me a message.

    Looking forward to seeing you all tonight,

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    UoBirm - ENTsoc on 19/11/17
    Considering a career in ENT surgery? Or just want to brush up on your ENT knowledge ahead of 4th year exams or finals?

    ENTsoc are hosting two short talks on careers and emergencies in ENT on Wed 29th November. Highly recommended for anyone considering an ENT career or hoping to improve their ENT knowledge!
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    UoBirm - ENTsoc on 16/11/17
    Hi guys,

    The British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology (BACO) is being hosted from 4-6th July 2018 in Manchester and registration is now open.

    Information regarding timetables of the day and prices are available on the link below (I am still trying to find out when the student-specific day is and will get back to you/Max when I know more).

    Early bird prices run until the 24th Nov - 26 for the day if you are an ENT UK member!

    BACO are also working with SFO UK and there is the opportunity for abstract submission. SFO UK will be hosting oral and poster presentations and they will count as international presentations. DEADLINE for this submission is Friday 26th Jan 2018. Follow the SFO UK stream when registering.

    Any questions feel free to message myself or Max Roderick


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