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What is ENTS? ENTS is magic. ENTS is fun. ENTS is Entertainment for all of MedSoc.

Hannah Piggott and Sasha Scadding are your ENTS from March 2018 - March 2019, providing amazing events for all years from all courses to get involved with. 

Dates to watch out for...

Thursday 8th November: The T Party

Thursday 1st December: The Christmas Party

Friday 18th- Sunday 20th January: The MedSoc Weekend Away to Amsterdam


All the info about event details, ticket sales etc is all on our facebook page:

Make sure you're a member and get involved!!! It's going to be an evENTful year, so get ready to partAAAAyyy!!! 


All our lovliest MedSoc Ents lovin',

Sasha & Hannah


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14 May 2021

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