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Docs Not Cops
Welcome Freshers!
  • Before we get into what our society does, here's the Zoom link to our virtual stall tomorrow where you can meet members of our committee to ask questions and find out more about our work:

  • Additionally, here's our link for you to sign-up to become a member of our society:

  • Have a look at our welcome video before your dwell further into our work below:


About us:

Who are we?

Docs Not Cops is a nation-wide organisation that works toward raising awareness about healthcare rights for refugees, asylum seekers and other undocumented immigrants, with the help of professionals and students alike. 

Why start a society in the medical school?

We've developed a branch of this organisation among the medical students of University of Birmingham to deconstruct the pre-existing public image of the false burden that these “illegal immigrants” place on the NHS and to reinstate emphasis on the core principles of the NHS i.e. it is a non-discriminatory body that grants equal access to healthcare for all and puts clinical need above the ability to pay.

Our hope is to emphasize the importance of these issues among you - the future healthcare providers of the country. By working in line with the objectives of Docs Not Cops and by providing our members a platform to learn about these issues, we hope to empower each other and lend to the growth of an environment where healthcare is truly equal for all - where healthcare truly is a right, not a privilege.

How do we aim to improve awareness?

We aim to provide you with a better understanding of this very vital issue through:

  1. Workshops,
  2.  Active discussions & debates,
  3. Exposure to organisations working in conjuction with DNC, and
  4. Volunteering opportunities 

Summary of work since the inception of UoB DNC:

  1. Working with DocsNotCops UK, MedAct, Doctors Of the World, University of Birmingham Friends of MSF, and SolidariTee
  2. Attending and presenting at conferences such as ‘Borders, Refugees, Solidarity, Resistance’ and NGO annual general meetings as well as conducting workshops for students & faculty in different colleges across campus,
  3. Our members volunteered with FAST, DNC, MdM, STAR, English language courses
  4. Regular updates on refugee/asylum-seeker related media and research on our social media streams and newsletter
  5. Advocating for better treatment for migrants and sharing petitions to bring change to the asylum-seekers process and NHS access



We are looking forward to bringing this perennial issue to light among medical studens that can strive to provide a better future for a migrant community that has been severely maligned. We hope to see you at our events and we're looking forward to work together to create an exciting & lasting future for this society.

- The UoB DNC Team

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14 May 2021

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