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Comedy Revue

Hey you! Yes you! Do you think you are funny? Fancy a bit of writing or acting? Did you not receive enough hugs as a kid and now are desperately seeking approval from strangers?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, no or ‘Nie mówiÄ™ po angielsku’ then Revue could be for you!

The Comedy Revue is a comedy club comprising of medschool students who write, direct and perform comedy Sketches in order to put on an annual three night comedy show in the medschool, where all money raised goes to charity. We are a very inclusive society where everyone is welcome to write and/or perform in the show. If you are at all interested in comedy or performing definitely come to one of our weekly Wednesday sessions to try it out!

Zoom call 2-4pm 22/09/20
Meeting ID: 946 8225 8320
Passcode: 711177

Ben and Josh xx

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09 Mar 2021

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