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University of Birmingham MedSoc Cocktail Society cordially invites you to come and explore the Cosmos of cocktails!

Feeling on the rocks after a tough day at the office on one of the many demanding MedSoc courses? Shaken by a confusing lecture? or just want to mix with some new people?

The aim of this society is to make the commonly assumed 'classy and expensive' cocktail scene into something more affordable for students whilst still keeping it classy. Everyone craves an elegant affair where they can blow off some steam and let their hair down; I believe our society is able to help facilitate this. With the help of sponsors and the great numbers of potential cocktail sipping students we'll be able to make our events more cost friendly for students! No longer will you have to spend hours searching online either to find the best places to go for that Mojito or Bellini - we're here to find those deals for you so you can spend longer enjoying some Sex on the Beach whilst the Sunrises. All aboard the cocktail train - Woo woo.

Throughout the year we aim to host events with discounted cocktails at Birmingham's best cocktail venues, whilst also providing the chance for you budding mixologists to learn how to shake and stir your own drinks.

Bringing a Punch or two your way,

UBMS CockSoc
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10 Jul 2020

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