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The Curriculum and Wellbeing Committee, more commonly known as CAWC, is an independent, student-led committee which aims to represent the views of MBChB students by bridging the gap between the students and the staff. At the heart of CAWC is student representation and the committee strives to bring about constructive improvements in the MBChB programme through your feedback so that you make the most out of your education here at Birmingham! The committee consists of key staff members along with year representatives that are elected by the respective year groups, who then feedback to the college in various committee meetings held around the year.

Aside from curriculum improvements, CAWC also deals with student wellbeing issues that may affect anyone at any time. We have a dedicated Wellbeing Representative who organises various lectures and small group sessions as part of the 'Feel Bright' campaign. This campaign is the first of its kind at a UK Medical School to be recognised by the General Medical Council, and its primary goal is to promote good mental health and well-being among medical students. 

CAWC relies on students who are keen to actively improve the curriculum and are interested in shaping new ideas for advancing the education you receive here, so get involved! 

Feel free to email us at for any queries or contact the relevant representative, as shown on the Committee page on Canvas.


Haroon Ali Shah

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CAWC Chair 2019-2020

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09 Mar 2021

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