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Birmingham University Sports and Exercise Medicine Society

Want to work as part of a medical team in sport in the future? Are you keen to work in a competitive field with people striving for excellence? Or do you want to contribute to research regarding a key public health topic? Then Sport and Exercise Medicine may be for you!

What can BUSEMS offer?

  1. Regular multi-disciplinary educational events hearing from doctors, physiotherapists & sport-scientists
  2. Practical courses such as taping, massage and first-aid
  3. MSK Examination Revision sessions (perfect for 4th/5th year exams!)
  4. Opportunities to network with like-minded individuals and create a network of people with a similar passion
  5. Opportunities for SEM work-experience, pitchside first aid and help with elective placements
  6. Joining a thiriving and emerging field and contribute to topical research

Watch our video below to learn more about us!

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic members to join the committee with plenty of scope to develop the society and your CV concurrently.

Keep up to date with news and information via our social media:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: @uob_sportsmedicine
  • Twitter: @BUSEMS


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Any questions or you want to get more involved, drop us an email at

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14 May 2021

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