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Birmingham University Gastrointestinal Society (BUGS)


Welcome to Birmingham University Gastrointestinal Society (BUGS)!

We are a student-led society which hopes to encourage and inspire interest in Gastrointestinal medicine. 


We are planning many different exciting events throughout year:


  • Guest lecturers discussing new advances in gastroenterology
  • Talks on how to pursue gastroenterology as a career
  • Gastroenterology conference
  • Revision sessions to help students with those dreaded MCQ exams
  • Mock OSCE sessions for our clinical year students 


​Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow our Instgram (@bugs_bham)  so you can keep up to date with all our events! And don't forget to join our society on the Medsoc websitesmiley


We hope to see you at our events!


Kavina Kudhail - BUGS President 2020/21 


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14 May 2021

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