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Birmingham University Gastrointestinal Society (BUGS)

Welcome to Birmingham University Gastrointestinal Society (BUGS). This is a student-led society which hopes to encourage and inspire interest in Gastrointestinal medicine.

BUGS is for all MedSoc members, irrespective of course.

At BUGS we hope to:

  • Learn about new advances in the field of GI medicine and surgery with regards to research and medical practice.
  • Allow networking opportunities between MedSoc members and those involved in the field of gastrointestinal medicine, including GI doctors, researchers and professors.
  • Encourage more to pursue a future career in GI medicine/surgery.
  • Help students in all year groups improve their understanding of GI topics/modules.


We are planning many different exciting events throughout year:

  • OSCE practice sessions
  • Talks / workshops on GI as a career
  • Revision sessions aimed at both pre-clinical and clinical years
  • Research opportunities with leading GI consultants within the region
  • And lots more!


Like our facebook page and look out in the MedSoc bulletin to keep up-to-date with events throughout the year.


We hope to see you at our events smiley


BUGS Co-Presidents 2018: Haroon and Sara

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10 Jul 2020

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