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Birmingham Palliative Medicine Society

For a chance to talk to members of our current committee about who we are, what we do, or literally anything else you’d want to ask us, please come along and have a chat with us via Zoom

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Who we are:

Throughout the ages, confronting death has been an inevitability of medical education and training. However, the interplay between modern western culture and medical advancement has largely stressed, stretched and redefined how we understand and relate to death, both as private individuals and members of the medical sphere. The palliative care movement has highlighted this crisis of relationship.

As a society, Birmingham Palliative Medicine Society strives to promote awareness, reflection and conversation about the key issues and themes that can emerge from palliative settings.

Throughout the year, we will put on a wide array of events ranging from book-clubs and film-nights to speaker-led discussions and communications workshops. Additionally, we strive to offer opportunities to diversify and enrich student experiences of palliative care and its pervasive role in medicine through our links with local hospices, palliative care teams and other MedSoc student groups.


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14 May 2021

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