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Hi everyone, and welcome to the Birmingham Medical Humanities Society Freshers' Fair stall ‚ú®virtual edition‚ú®!!!

We reckon at medschool, we're often too focused on remembering the causes of pancreatitis and remembering the muscles in the forearm, and forget that medicine is actually an art!

We try to provide a bit of escapism from medicine as usual; we hold regular book club meetings, writers groups and film nights, as well as ethics and philosophy discussion evenings, and invite guest speakers to talk about a range of really interesting topics, so there's a lot to get involved with! It's really really laid back, and a great opportunity to find other people who enjoy similar things to you - you can be as committed or as chilled out about getting involved as you want!

Obviously with the pandemic going on a lot of the stuff we normally do in cafes with cake and coffee will be virtual (but still hopefully with cake and coffee!!!) - but we're always open for suggestions for new things to try over Zoom so let us know if there's a new book you want to discuss as a group, or an interesting Ted talk you want to share - you're more than welcome!

So you can get to know us as a society and meet some of our committee members, we've included a link to our Zoom call here! Just follow the link and use the meeting ID and passcode to join the call:

Meeting ID: 920 7760 6909
Passcode: 183746

There's also a sign-up sheet on Google forms to become a member of our society so we can get your contact details and keep in touch here:

If you'd like to keep up to date with our upcoming events, join our facebook group: Birmingham Medical Humanities Society and if you have any questions, drop us an email: 



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09 Mar 2021

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