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Birmingham Internal Medicine Society (BIMS)

Birmingham Internal Medicine Society (or BIMS) encompasses all non-surgical and non-GP specialties.

As a society, we offer a broad insight into cardiology, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, neurology, rheumatology, renal medicine, endocrinology and many more medical specialties.

BIMS is very proud to offer revision opportunities to our entire medical cohort from year one to year five. These include focused revision lectures, which take place in first and second semester, and small-group revision tutorials to supplement the lectures. These sessions are run by older medical students who have already passed the exams that their younger peers have yet to experience.

Think of BIMS as a valuable addition to the educational and revision resources available to Birmingham medical students. We separate ourselves by remaining focused and dedicated to ensuring that our resources are available to anybody who requires them.

We as a society take much pride in offering revision opportunities to our peers, with hope that the teaching legacy is passed down through many years to come.

Issi Trout and Alex Markland

4th Year MBChB, BIMS Presidents

Visit our dedicated website for information on how to sign up to events, become a committee member, or check out our revision material


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14 May 2021

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