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Birmingham Anaphylaxis

As a newly formed student group, Birmingham Anaphylaxis are a MedSoc charity working alongside Anaphylaxis UK - a charity with the aim of raising awareness of severe allergies in young people.


We work closely with the main charity to help them meet their aims in a variety of ways. We hold regular fundraisers and have developed and deliver our own teaching programme to local primary and secondary schools.


This teaching programme recruits Birmingham students and trains them to lead our sessions. These sessions cover how to recognise anaphylaxis, what to do, and the importance of epipens, in addition to other topics. We have completed several such sessions in the past and have received excellent feedback!


As the first University to be affiliated with the charity, this is an excellent opportunity to get involved in which is bothchallenging and rewarding for our volunteers. In the future we plan to reach out to other medical schools across the country.


All volunteers receive a certificate stating their participation in such teaching activities.


Please do get in touch if you are interested in teaching, want to get involved in fundraising, or both!

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07 Aug 2020

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