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Asthma Innovation Research - AIR

Asthma Innovation Research (AIR) is a new charity to Birmingham MedSoc that focusses on increasing asthma awareness in children. We teach school pupils between Years 3 to 6 fun, interactive, and important lessons about asthma. If you are like working with kids, have an interest in teaching, or particularly like respiratory medicine, this charity is for you!

Why is teaching about asthma an important task? We believe that with improved awareness we can relieve the burden of asthma and prevent hospitalisation. Asthma attacks are rapidly developing episodes which can be fatal if not treated appropriately and immediately. Often, serious complications can be prevented simply by increasing awareness of the public regarding what to look for and how to treat it.  AIR was created by medical students at UCL and has since branched out to Birmingham, Cardiff, and Imperial. Ultimately, our aim as a charity is to provide school pupils with the correct tools to recognise and efficiently treat an asthma attack.

This year we are really looking to grow the charity, we want more volunteers and we want to reach more school pupils. To get these numbers up, we are going to need your help! We are looking to recruit passionate volunteers from any course and any year within MedSoc. You don’t need any prior knowledge on asthma to join as we will fully train you, all you need is a passion for making a difference! During first term you will be fully trained by us so that you feel confident to speak about asthma and use our teaching plan to deliver successful sessions all around Birmingham.

If you are interested in helping this cause or would like to find out more please do contact us using or join our Facebook group! We hope to hear from you soon!  -----

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07 Aug 2020

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