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    UoBirm - ARTE on 28/06/17
    I will be booking the trip to see In The Heights TOMORROW NIGHT.
    Friday 14th July. Tickets are 15 with student IDs.
    I have made a private event and invited the people who'd said on the poll they wanted to come, but message me if you still want to come come and I'll add to the event and get you a ticket tomorrow night!
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  • ARTE
    UoBirm - ARTE on 28/05/17
    have you found winter hibernation long and uneventful? FEAR NOT, the musical crew is back! come along to sing/dance/act your heart out at the auditions on the 3/4th June or 8/9th July.

    "audition if you want the best year of your lives" - Eve Laycock, Director, 2017 (also director 2015 and 2016, honestly Eve, enough)
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  • ARTE
    UoBirm - ARTE on 26/05/17
    Ok so following on from my previous post about going to see In The Heights, it looks like the winner is the production on 14th/15th July at Birmingham Rep. So now which of the following would be preferred (or just vote for whichever you are available for)?
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  • ARTE
    UoBirm - ARTE on 20/04/17
    So we're looking into going to see a local production of In The Heights, like we did with Made In Dagenham last year.
    I think we have two options:
    The first is Friday 14th and Saturday 15th July, 18 per ticket
    Birmingham Rep theatre just off broad street in a 300 seater studio there performed by BITA (Birmingham Institute of Theatre Arts), so they're aged 12-19 but sounds like a decent drama group
    The second is 30th August to 2nd September, prices between 14 and 16 pounds
    It's at the Guildhall in Derby so a bit further away, it's like an hour and 10 to drive I think. But the company seem pretty legit and professional and it is cheaper.
    For both dates it's only really likely to be clinical people around, but obviously all are welcome and if you're in Birmingham please do come.
    So just respond to the poll to say which dates you're free/which you'd prefer essentially!
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  • ARTE
    UoBirm - ARTE on 23/03/17
    Aaaaaand the winning musical is:
    for those who weren't at the AGM today.

    Thanks for everyone who went for roles today and commiserations to those who weren't successful.
    Interestingly the rights have just become available so we'd be one of the very first (?5th) amateur companies to put the show on in the UK.

    It's been a pleasure (for most of the time) to be your President, and I know that ARTE is in some great hands! See below to see whose hands these are:

    Musical Production Team:
    Director: Eve Laycock
    Producer Team: Emily Bailey, Sara J Wynne, Peter Keighley
    Choreographers: Jessica Hin, Grace Fennelly
    Vocal Coach: Harriet Marsland
    Musical Director: Michael Thompson

    Year Round Committee Roles:
    Presidents: Iona Donnelly, Tatiana Zhelezniakova
    Treasury Team: Ollie Emmerson, Hannah Lyons, Kristina Gallagher
    Social Rep: Gita Lingam

    Looking forward to seeing it in November!
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