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Birmingham MedSoc is a society open to all students studying in the College of Medical & Dental Sciences at the University of Birmingham. It is one of the largest societies at the University with over 2500 members, distributed between Medicine, Medical Science, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene and Biomedical Material Science. We are entirely run by students and act independently from the Guild of Students.

What does MedSoc do?

More than 16 sports teams, 12 charities and 21 societies are set-up under MedSoc to help students get involved outside of their studies; all open to all, regardless of ability. One important role of MedSoc is to oversee and financially support this wide variety, each appealing to a diverse scope of student interest. MedSoc recognises our members have demanding timetables with unique time pressures and heavy workloads; our activities are designed to fit around you! New students sign up to these activities at the Societies Fair, hosted during the September Welcome Week in the Medical School.

MedSoc hosts a number of large social events throughout the year. In addition to the ever-popular Freshers’ Week events, the social calendar includes a weekend away, 2 or more bar crawls per term, a weekly MedBar, a December Skiing trip and the annual MedBall; an event for more than 1500 students.

In addition to MedSoc’s involvement in social pursuits, we provide extensive academic support in the form of peer-led revision sessions at exam times, as well as mock clinical skills practice for 2nd to 5th year students. We host careers evenings for many different healthcare specialties, many of which are supported by our academic societies.

Why join MedSoc?

Joining MedSoc will be the single biggest reward for the least amount of effort decision you will make at University. As a member you are entitled to join any of our sports, societies or charities, or if nothing takes your fancy, start your own! Every member is issued with a MedSoc card, giving you discounted entry to MedSoc events, in addition to exclusive offers in pubs, clubs, restaurants and more. Have a look at our deals section to see exactly what we have lined up for you.

A major advantage to MedSoc sport is the variety in standard. Larger clubs (eg. Men’s rugby or mixed hockey) compete with 3 or 4 teams weekly, with standards ranging from complete beginners to national representatives. It is not unheard of to start a sport for the first time at University and captain a team by second year!

Where does my membership fee go?

Almost every penny of MedSoc membership fees goes straight back into our members’ pockets. Your money is used to subsidise events, negotiate lower drinks prices. Most importantly, we support our sports, societies and charities through grants. We gave out nearly £40,000 last year, allowing them to buy kit, purchase new equipment or host a local academic conference. MedSoc membership ensures it is significantly cheaper for you to take part in all that we have to offer.

How can I join?

Joining MedSoc is simple (and cheap!). At just £9/year for all courses, it’s an absolute bargain. Signup couldn’t be easier, just register and join in minutes. The costs for each course are shown below:

  • £45– Medicine (5 year), Dentistry
  • £36 – GEC Medicine (4 year)
  • £27 – Medical Science, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dental Hygiene and Biomedical Material Science


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