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Yoga society is in its third year now and has been extremely popular! Yoga aims to promote physical and mental health & wellbeing. It has many benefits which include gaining strength, flexibility and relaxing. Classes are set to music and will take place in the Medical School on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evenings, 8-9 pm, with a new Friday class at 6-7pm.  The exact venue is detailed on the sign up post on our facebook page each week. Most people are beginners when they start but with lots of personal guidance they rapidly improve as the weeks go on. We mix several styles of yoga to give an energetic, diverse and at times quite challenging class. However, it’s all worth it for the 5 minutes sleep (final Savasana) you get at the end of every hour’s hard work. Classes are appropriate for all abilities and best of all – they’re absolutely free! The only cost you will incur is that of a yoga mat if you decide you want to make it a regular thing, and this you can source yourself. For more information please visit the Facebook page:

Hope to see you there! Namaste.

Rose Bhogal, Georgia O'Connell, Emma Astaire
MedYoga Presidents


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15 Oct 2018

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