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  • Welcome to the Wilderness Medicine Society (Medsoc's best society 2014!) This is a society that aims to accomplish the difficult job of combining medicine and the outdoors!

    Having been a thriving part of both MedSoc and the University, we?re a group of students who organise tremendously merry outdoorsy events throughout the calendar year. In recent years, we?ve run activities ranging from outdoor walks and indoor bouldering to laid-back talks ? and we?ve got plenty more planned for you!

    All our events are designed considering a range of skill levels; whether you regard yourself an expert hiker or you?re just learning to walk, we?ve got you covered. We greatly value the diversity we get with students from a wide range of healthcare courses and levels of study, and are eager to welcome you to that. Like most societies, you can come to events as your schedule permits, so there?s no pressure to have to attend anything you don?t want to (although we can?t think of anything you wouldn?t want to attend).

    Coming up in November, our greatest annual event ? the Medical Skills in the Wilderness weekend-away ? whisks you out of the city for a serene weekend of walking, talking, and finally taking that well-deserved break. We?ve recruited the country?s finest experts in wilderness medicine to give you a brilliant hands-on experience with casualty management, and a chance to learn the ins and outs of expedition medicine from seasoned adventurers. The weekend is incredibly popular, both amongst students and past tutors.

    Join our Facebook page or mailing list for details, or have a chat with any of us. We?d love to hear from you, so email us at
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  • Hey everyone! Please see the exciting invitation below from Prof Rob Grieve of the Sands Cox Charity regarding their lecture series in October.

    The Sands Cox Charity help fund student bursaries and the winners not only have the opportunity of easing the financial burden of their electives but achieve a publication in our Journal Aesculapius and also present their reports at our Annual Meeting in October.

    We also invite two guest speakers and this year we have Prof Chris Imray presenting his remarkable research work as he climbed Everest with The Caudwell Xtreme Everest Expedition.

    This took four years in the planning and is the largest medical research expedition ever undertaken. There were 240 participants, 22 tons of equipment and the total cost of the expedition was approximately 2,000,000. The complex science program investigated the adaptation of the human body as it acclimatizes to extreme altitude, using the shortage of oxygen as a possible model for patients in intensive care units. The expedition also featured in the BBC Two?s flagship science program Horizon and two one hour documentaries entitled ?Doctors in the death zone? recorded the expedition.

    Quite remarkably they had the most ambitious range of scientific experiments ever undertaken at this altitude to undertake in the world?s highest ?laboratory? on the South Col (8000m). They spent a day setting up equipment, followed by two days of experiments ranging from cerebral perfusion studies to maximal bicycle exercise tests on exercise bikes!

    I attach an invitation for your members who can attend at a reduced cost of 15 for the day or 10 if they do not have a meal - tremendous value either way!

    More information on the charity can be found at

    With best wishes,
    Prof Rob Grieve
    Vice-President of The Sands Cox Charity
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  • Would anyone be interested in going to this? I was thinking probably there and back on the day rather than camping. Looks really good.
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  • Hi guys! Could you tell me when is the next wilderness medicine weekend in november? I usually teach there but I have something happening on the 25th of november that I need to confirm soon. Thanks!
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  • We are looking for outgoing, motivated, adventurous and fun students! Do you tick any of those boxes? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you! Dig Deep are looking for some awesome students to recruit, support and lead a group of fundraisers up Kilimanjaro in summer 2018! Find out more about this incredible opportunity and how to apply on our website. We can?t wait to hear from you
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