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  • *Get sharing and inviting*

    Our major (probably the largest) event of the year - The annual Tutti Christmas Gala Concert is back! And it is less than a month away!!

    This year we will be supporting the Friends of Birmingham Children's Hospital. All groups will be performing and it is definitely not to be missed! And as per usual, free refreshments will be provided during our break. So... What are you waiting for? Come and join us for an amazing night of music! Anyone is welcome and we hope to see you soon!
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  • Calling all members - we need you to join the UBMS Tutti MEDSOC group in order to get funding for the society!!
    Literally, just click that join group button and you're all sorted!!
    It'd help us out loads!!!
    Thank you! x
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    Due to light problems the orchestra is unable to rehearse tonight - we are very sorry for the short notice!!

    ------ Original message from the ubms orchestra ------

    Hello everyone!
    Sorry for the short notice (blame med school) but we do have to cancel rehearsal tonight due to lightening problems in med school. Im particularly sorry as this mean cake week cannot go ahead tonight. Would people like to delay until next week?
    Sorry again!
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  • Big band is having a gig next Friday! And also raising money for a good cause!!!
    Go check them out, they are really good! (y)
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  • Hi everyone!!!
    As you know there's a lot going on in uni at the moment but it would be nice if you all could just add us on snapchat and instagram!!

    ?? ubmstutti (same account name for both instal and snap)

    Your public (secretary?) is working very hard to keep you guys updated on the upcoming concerts... so if you would like some sneak peaks or just rehearsal details, it's probably gonna be on either of those platforms!

    Thank you! xxx
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24 Nov 2017

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