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Rugby Birds - Womens

Do you fancying trying something new? Want to get fit? Or just have a great time with some exceedingly friendly people?

…Well Rugby Birds is for you!!

Whether you thought a rugby ball was just a squashed football, or you can actually explain the offside rule, we welcome players or all levels and courses. Don’t worry if you have never thrown a rugby ball, let alone know the rules- most of us don’t! We are coached by some of the very tolerant (and handsome) rugby boys who try their best to point us in the right direction to learn how to play rugby! Some of the more adventurous of us even occasionally embark on road trips to other medical schools for matches; last year was in fact our 1st ever unbeaten birdy season- much to live up to this year! However, just as important to us as rugby are our infamous socials, including Family Meals, Pub Golf, lots of post-match “fab”s and the ultimate event: Rugby Dinner- with all the rugby boys! We will also have tour at the end of the year to unwind with your new birdy friends after those horrible exams, last year we had a fantastic weekend in Newcastle (up the Toon!). We train, in the loosest sense of the word, every Wednesday 2:00-3.30pm. Come along for a ruck, a maul, a roll in the mud, or just to socialise with the finest medsoc members. This Rugby Bird year is set to be the best ever!

So if you fancy lots of fun and banter and want to sign-up or find out more come to our stall at the Fresher’s fair or our meet and greet during fresher’s week! Look out for the girls in the pink T-shirts!

Micha (President), Emilie (VP) and Clauds (Captain)

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15 Oct 2018

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