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No matter what type of runner, or indeed ‘non-runner’, you may claim to be; you shall be welcomed most warmly to our lively MedRun family! Whether you fall into category:

a)  Have never run before in your life, but you’re interested in giving it a go and would love a supportive encouraging like-minded bunch to go with.

b) You run here and there. Maybe 5km one week… 3km the next? But you wish you could become more consistent.

c) You’re a pro. No doubt about it. Half-marathon? Check. Marathon? Check. 7 marathons in 7 consecutive days? Ha, no problem.

MedRun is definitely for you!

Setup by medics who love to run, this is a unique experience uniting all of us MedRunners, and you may have it on good authority that there is definitely no lack of support and banter. We have an eclectic mix of runners with a single ethos: keeping fit and having fun whilst doing so!

Some of our activities include:

1) Meeting Mondays and Fridays at 7pm in front of the medical school in our running gear.

2) Catered runs for each group so that no matter how good you are, you’re always being encouraged, challenged and pushed further.

3) Regular post-run socials and dinners. This is going to be an exciting year for MedRun, we’ve got some great ideas that we’re itching to put into place. We can’t wait to expand and be even greater with your help.

If you want to see us take on something new or provide a new service for you guys, send us an email and we’ll definitely consider each and every suggestion.

Head over to Facebook and join our group to stay updated with MedRun news (search MedRun!) or send us an email.

Our first run will be on Monday 26th September (after Freshers!!) at 7pm (so all years can come)

Love from your new co-presidents Catriona Simpson ( and Ernest Mutengesa (

Be there or be square!!!

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20 Oct 2018

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