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Islamic Medical Ethics Society

Founded by a small group of enthusiastic medics a few years ago, some would say IMed is still undergoing embryological development, however, we believe otherwise. With the amazing support from our valued members (and non-members), IMed has definitely embraced human life and we intend, by the grace of God, to continue growing from strength to strength. With some special events already lined up for the coming year, revision clinics, educational seminars and social dinners organised we as a dedicated team of students are ready to make this a special year for you, our valued students, insha’Allah.

Check out our 2014-2015 video here: 

Our aims remain clear:

1. To maintain the sense of community in and around the medical school
2. To create opportunities to launch academic discussion into controversial medical issues
3. To provide insight into what life as a Muslim healthcare professional means

In the past we have accomplished some memorable things alhamdulillah; raising over £6000 for SKT Welfare charity in our 2015 Annual Fundraising Dinner attended by 170 people and just  £5993.83 from a charity trek up Mount Snowden. Our lectures and discussions have welcomed some of the country’s well known Doctors, Professionals and Consultants. We are always looking to improve, develop and expand our growing family. With you all on board we can together reach the next level insha’Allah. Anyone and everyone can become a member! Just simply get in touch with any of our team for further details and you will receive an outline of what we have in store for you this coming year insha’Allah.

We hope that the mix of exciting academic discussions and enjoyable recreational activities will be sufficient for you to become a member of IMed!

Thank you and jazakAllah khair!

Usman Shaikh and Raheem Choudhary

IMed Presidents 2015-2016

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28 Jul 2017

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