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Block Fixture

It's back!! On 5th March Southampton MedSoc will be making their way up to Birmingham for a weekend full of sports and our favourite night out- FAB! We have secured some amazing drinks deals at Urban and also some sponsorship from Wesleyan- details of drinks deals will be posted later on.

The THEME for this year is: HEROES VS VILLAINS (Birmingham = Heroes) - think batman, wonder woman etc etc - each sport will be a different hero Block Fixture 2016 promises to be bigger and better than ever so make sure not to miss out!

The 2016 fixtures are as follows:

Event Time Location
Basketball 1300 – 1500 Sports Hall
Badminton x5 courts 1500 – 1800 Sports Hall
Men's Football 1400 – 1600 M16 Pitch
Women's Football 1400 – 1600 M17 Pitch
Women's Rugby  1100 – 1300 M12 Pitch
Women's Netball 1300 – 1500 KES
Men's Rugby 1230 – 1500 M13
Men's Rugby 1500 - 1700 M9
Mixed Lacrosse 1300 - 1500 Metchley Pitches
Mixed Hockey 1700 - 1900 Bournbrook Pitches
Rounders 1600 Selly Park


Then food at Urban:

  • 5pm: Basketball, Mixed Lacrosse, Rugby
  • 6pm: Netball, Ladies football, Men's football
  • 7pm: Badminton
  • 7:30pm: Hockey

Pres at Urban Village will run from 9pm, then the Trophy Presentation at 10:00pm! Amazing drink deals this year with £1.50 Bombs and 10% off all drinks thanks to Urban!!


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23 Feb 2018

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