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Asthma Innovation Research

Asthma Innovation Research (AIR) is a brand new society for 2017 and will be focusing on increasing
asthma awareness in the younger population. AIR is a charity which was founded by UCL students
but is branching out across the country to schools such as Cardiff and now Birmingham. As a team of
4th and 5th year medical students we are hoping to recruit students from any years including and
especially years 1 and 2. Medical students will be trained in the winter months during term time,
after which they will be expected to attend schools across Birmingham to instruct school pupils
appropriately. Why is this an important task? We believe that with improved awareness we can
relieve the burden of asthma and prevent hospitalisation. As you may well know asthma attacks are
rapidly developing episodes which can be fatal if not treated appropriately and immediately. Often,
serious complications can be prevented simply by increasing awareness of the public regarding what
to look for and how to treat it. Ultimately our aim is to provide school pupils with the correct tools to
recognise and efficiently treat an asthma attack. If you are interested in helping this cause or would
like to find out more please do contact us using We hope to hear from you soon!

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20 Oct 2018

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